ProEnc Outdoor Projector Housings

Who’s using outdoor projector enclosures?

The simple answer is almost anyone is using outdoor projector enclosures to protect the hardware they deploy outdoors. The ProEnc is the preferred choice for an outdoor projector enclosures for many audio visual engineers in Australia and North America.

The ProEnc has been developed over 2 years working with key AV installers across the world and finding out what they want from the protective housing. These outdoor projector boxes are used in locations that previously installers thought impossible.

ProEnc outdooor projector enclosures

Cooling within outdoor projector enclosures.

This usually is the thing considered, unlike most other manufacturers we used our experience that revolutionized the digital signage industry with our protective TV housing 5 years back. Now we are using a proven cooling and heating system that only works when it needs to. So the temperature can be preset within the housing and then when the projector gets hot and they get hot…the thermostat is activated and the cooling system kicks in replacing the hot air with cooled air to bring the internal temperature down rapidly. Once the outdoor projector enclosures are deployed outdoors, the cooling system can replace the air inside the housing in less than 37 seconds!

The heating works much the same way and both systems have proven themselves in locations when temperatures rise to over 134 degrees Fahrenheit and drop to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. We also offer an upgrade so allow the unit to be left out in temperatures of -40 Fahrenheit.

Security of the ProEnc.

ProEnc are the only company to offer a security solution to their outdoor protective solution, meaning they do not use standard low cost locks, that are easily opened. To open the access door in the ProEnc you have to own the high security keys.

So what is inside?

Inside is a shelf to enable the projector to be at the correct height, it does not matter if the lens is off center or in the center, the large viewing window will accommodate most popular brands of projectors. Below the shelf there is room for a media player to be located along with a power distribution unit.

Optional extras.

We can supply a media player all set up ready for content, we can also configure the unit so you never have to open the enclosure to update the content. Using infra-ed technology and a network connection.

Mounting rails – one of the key challenges is how to keep the functionality of the enclosure, yet at the same time keep the unit weather and water proof. Now we offer mounting rails so you do not have to drill the protective outdoor housing. Or the ProEnc outdoor projector enclosure can be pole mounted.

For more details and pricing, please contact ProEnc Toll Free on 1-862-234-5981 the only manufacturer of outdoor projector enclosures you need.