Exterior Projector Housing For Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor marketing using exterior projector housing.

An exterior projector housing is not used just for outdoor marketing, they can also be used for projector mapping and passenger information. Discover the differences between the applications.

Outdoor marketing.

Many cafes and bars are looking to maximise their real estate, that being said they are using the fabric of the building as a giant advertising canvas by means of projectors displaying ads on their building. This has a high success rate as the passing motorists tend to call in to check out the ads and then book a ticket for the event.

exterior projector housing

Projector mapping.

This is basically covering a building in a sort of projected image, this can be a texture or image (anything really that can be projected.) Usually made up of several projectors that are banked together to cover a wide area. Typical use is at Disney on Cinderella’s Castle in the theme parks.


Outdoor projector enclosures made this happen

Passenger information.

This is when transit connection information is projected onto walls, for commuters to know if their connections are delayed or even cancelled. Also used in the underground, to project advertising content on the curved walls of the subway.

Exterior projector housing uses.

As you can imagine, you cannot put a regular projector outdoors with no protection, it will fail almost instantly! Nor can you put the hardware in an environment that is humid such as a subway, this will cause the bulb to blow and result in costly replacements. This is why an exterior projector housing is used.

In the case of the outdoor projector, these CE UL approved exterior projector housings are designed to protect the hardware that is placed inside from the weather, irrelevant what the weather is outside. The units are weather and water proof, so mush so they have been tested with high pressure water jets. This application is ideal for the projector used for outdoor marketing, as the housing can be mounted to a roof, wall or even vertically.

One of the main challenges is keeping a projector cool, as they dissipate a lot of heat, this is why a thermostatic cooling and heating system is required, sometimes these are replaced with air conditioning units to keep the hardware cool and prevent the bulb popping. Sophisticated filters are used to prevent air borne debris entering the housing, as this can harm the electronics in the projector. Perfect in a subway environment as the carbon particles from the brakes will be prevented from entering the exterior projector housing.

You also need a secure solution as some of these 55,000 lumen projectors cost in excess of $65,000, so the security has to be top notch. It would be no good putting a padlock on the housing for someone just to cut it off and steal the projector. This is why the better solutions are fitted with high security locks that have a master key, to prevent unauthorized access.

I hope you have had some good information on exterior projector housing solutions.