ProEnc’s Stackable projector enclosures

ProEnc Limited have designed and developed a solution for stacking projector cases for outdoor applications. Resulting in a more space saving solution at a cost effective price.

stackable projector enclosures

Proenc Stackable enclosures.

ProEnc have worked with several audio visual installers that had to integrate high end projectors into a staging system, the result being stackable projector enclosures, eliminating the issue when the space is limited, now the enclosures could be mounted to the staging using rigging wire through the integrated mounts on the weatherproof housings.

Event projector mapping

During the 2 major events (1 in Australia and 1 in North America), for a total of 39 weatherproof projector cases, ProEnc manufactured the solutions fit for the hardware including fitting the housing with air conditioning units. The hardware used was Barco and Christie projectors weighing in excess of 99lbs!

With space at a premium, the only way the video projectors could be accommodated was to stack them; the most sensible way was to use ProEnc’s vast manufacturing experience of 23 years to create a solution that worked perfectly.

Enabling the AV engineers to install the projectors quickly and effectively.


US outdoor video mapping

Cable access in the cases.

The challenge was getting the cables to the correct housing, so ProEnc designed internal raceways for the cables, so the leads could be fitted inside the housing with the projector and once the enclosures had been stacked, the final cables were daisy chained together.

The cable access panel features IP65 cable access, so even in heavy rain there is no water ingress inside the casings.

Everything is in the design.

With over 23 years manufacturing experience, ProEnc are the innovators of weatherproof housings, you can see they use high security locks and robust hinges, not like the low quality hinges that are rather inferior in strength and likely to break that are fitted to competitors units.

ProEnc also won a project recently replacing a rivals enclosure due to the housing been broken into and the projector stolen! This breach was due to the locks failing, as the only locks ProEnc use are high security locks and not ca/compression locks everyone else uses.

Range offered.

ProEnc Limited’s product range covers projectors from 7,000 lumens all the way up to 50,000 lumen projectors, these are on a standard 3-4 week lead time when not in stock, or on an expedited service of 2 weeks for custom solutions.

If you want the best, partner with ProEnc Limited and you will not regret it, our pedigree is second to none and no other solution is as secure, as cost effective or on a better lead time that ProEnc’s.

Now you can stack the enclosures and mount them to rigging wires, providing the best and flexible mounting solutions. Our stacking solution was recently deployed in a tourist attraction in an Israel cave. Contact ProEnc to discuss your requirement.

Contact ProEnc today to discuss your project, you will not regret it.