Protecting An Epson Projector with a ProEnc

Protecting An Epson Projector with a ProEnc

Installing and protecting an Epson projector with a ProEnc will guard against damage of many kinds.
Investing in any new technology is a big step, particularly for a high end quality product, however factoring in security for it will ensure your investment works profitably for the business; installing and protecting an Epson projector with a ProEnc will guard against damage of many kinds.

Projectors are a very popular method of advertising and for using on large scale displays and are quite often required outdoors, which leads to problems of weather and vandalism – to name but a few. Classed as the worlds best selling projector manufacturer, these displays have such quality of image, color, quality and clarity, that it may be a significant investment, yet one which has excellent dependability and service within the industry.

Epson projector

From small gatherings to huge venues, a projector is ideal for delivering a message, information and advertising. Businesses of every variety are looking for novel and ‘up to the minute’ technology on which to portray their content. From lecture halls, music festivals and trade shows; digital signage applications work really well as opposed to the traditional forms of paper posters, billboards and flip charts – how dated those look now! Using large scale projector images captures the audiences attention, just as a Christmas light display does. Projecting images across a room, using a waterfall as the screen or even onto dry ice creates an atmospheric and breathtaking display. Whether it is for a serious business conference or entertainment an Epson projector brings images, videos and sports to reality in amazing 2 and 3 dimension with a professional quality image of up to 300 inches.

Protecting an Epson projector.

Projectors are much smaller than even 3 years ago and therefore can be portable, which is where a projector enclosure comes into its own – a projector enclosure from ProEnc provides unrivaled security, yet can be as mobile as the projector itself. Marketing and event management companies who provide functions and events, often use projectors and enclosures as they are light enough to be maneuverable, although can be fixed in a permanent outdoor location for as long as the marketing campaign is required. Enclosing your investment not only makes common and economic sense, it will save money; repair or replacement costs, down-time and therefore loss of revenue.

A projector enclosure is a modest price to pay for protecting the investment and suits every environment, as its clever and secure design protects whilst blending in. By encasing the projector, it is less noticeable and therefore less likely to be damaged; accidentally or willfully. Sturdy panels and a clear viewing window allow the projector to function without overheating and/or failing due to the cold, as thermostatically controlled heating and cooling keep the projector at an ambient temperature. Both locks are high security, not the common locks found on inferior enclosures and can be keyed alike for convenience.

For the best advice and a secure projector enclosure for your, contact ProEnc Ltd, where helpful and informative guidance will ensure a long and fruitful life span for your Epson projector investment.