Custom projector enclosures 2 weeks to the other side of the World!

Custom projector enclosures in 2 weeks!

Projector enclosures are becoming rather popular and deploying them outdoors is a major challenge, however recently ProEnc Ltd had an enquiry at their UK office for 3 custom projector enclosures for Australia, the main challenge was they needed to be on site in 2 weeks or under!

ProEnc Custom projector enclosures.

These custom projectors were to accommodate large Christie projectors for a major Australian theme park, the installers needed these very quickly and after searching the web they contacted ProEnc Ltd who offered them a paid expedited service to get them made and delivered in 2 weeks! This is something the competition shy away from, as they can’t offer this service.

projector enclosures

ProEnc’s manufacturing operation.

The owner of ProEnc is a time served engineer and got his staff to design and make the enclosures to the customers specification, the units had all the usual refinements you expect from ProEnc Ltd and the custom projector enclosures were delivered to site on day 14.

ProEnc’s testimonial.

The contractor contacted ProEnc to let them know the goods had arrived and thanking them for their efforts.
“Great work to you & your team, thanks Graham” from George.

The mind set of too many manufacturers are blinkered in the fact that they offer 1 solution and are not prepared to offer custom products at a reasonable delivery date. Some people at ProEnc thought the Management had gone crazy, taking on an order for 3 custom projector housings in 14 days! The 14 days included shipping to Australia!!

The Management commented, “if customers are prepared to have a bespoke solution we can push it through providing the expediting fee is paid, this way we can take a skilled engineer and put him on making the order as soon as we have been paid.

This is something our competitors are lacking, the determination to meet customers’ expectations!

We know one company that offers custom housings but the lead time is too long and unacceptable to clients. When clients contact us and realise we can make the bespoke units in time and at a cost effective price, ProEnc wins hands down every time – making ProEnc the customer’s choice of product provider.

ProEnc’s future ventures.

ProEnc have several new products in the pipeline and the best way to keep up to date is to visit their website and check for news. New product launches are scheduled for January 2016 that will change the outdoor cinema industry overnight! With two other innovative products scheduled for April and June 2016. All new product launches will be also promoted with discount coupons, so keep an eye out, on their Facebook page

ProEnc are a team of qualified engineers with over 23 years’ experience making protective projector enclosures for outdoor use, so don’t trust your project to other “similar” looking companies who don’t have the pedigree or experience.

Contact ProEnc on either their US office on (862) 234-5981 or their European office on +44 (0) 843 2893717 to discuss your custom projector enclosures.