ProEnc Projector Enclosures -why take the risk with others?

ProEnc Projector Enclosures – What’s in a Name?

In a year where we have seen ProEnc launched to the market and our outdoor protective, projector enclosure has fulfilled some serious projects, we have to look at what some people call these protective housings.

ProEnc launch.

The product was prototyped and tweaked to provide an affordable solution for deploying outdoor projectors, then it was launched in February 2014, since then we have seen inquiries from all over the world including Asia, Australia, Europe, but mainly in the USA.

outdoor projector housing

ProEnc Projector enclosures and the requests.

We have been asked for Snow King, environmental enclosures, projector cases and those “thingies”!

The common factor is that the protective outdoor projector enclosures are all designed to protect the hardware in extreme conditions; however ProEnc is the only solution to have a truly secure projector enclosure, as the other manufacturers supply their units with locks that are simple to open resulting in the hardware being stolen.

ProEnc projector enclosures competitive advantages are:

• High security locks
• Both thermostatic heating and cooling as standard
• Virtually unbreakable viewing window
• Can be ceiling, pole or wall mounted
• Fully CE marked for Europe
• IP rated to IP65 for Europe/Australia
• NEMA 4X rated for the US market

So no matter if you are deploying a single projector at a bar or bunch of projectors to cover an entire building, our ProEnc projector enclosures have the secure solution at an affordable price.

ProEnc projector enclosures

Projector Housing Warranties.

Our protective projector housings come with a 5 year warranty on the enclosure and 3 years warranty on the internal cooling and heating system. Compare this from other manufacturers and you will find ours is a very comprehensive warranty, due to our high build quality and having over 23 years’ experience in creating and manufacturing protective housings for hardware that are used outdoors. Something no other manufacturer can match.

Get a ProEnc Quotation.

If you are looking for a like for like quotation on outdoor projector enclosures, please email us, if you are looking for a competitive alternative to an existing solution, email us the quotation and we will better the price based on your previous order. You will be amazed at the price of the ProEnc projector enclosures, some clients have ordered 2 from ProEnc for the price they paid for 1 from a different supplier.

ProEnc projector enclosures are the new kid on the block, backed by 23 years’ experience producing outdoor housings for projectors.