How Projectors Add to Festivals

The benefits of a projector used at festivals.

Young or old(er), festivals are still enjoyable and fashionable – just think Woodstock or Glastonbury, both world renowned music stages, but even if you haven’t got a good view, chances are there is a projector screen giving just as good a view of the live stage itself.

projectors used at festivals

A projected image which has a quality picture gives far more detail than even seeing the artist on stage – up close and personal in some cases! The colours are clear and detail is defined, but of course this down to the quality of the projector and therefore the price. You can expect audio visual companies who provide equipment to festivals to provide the best electronic kit. Additional speakers, mounted high up and directed to the audience provide the maximum amount of sound for the concert.

When you think of festivals, you think of thousands of people in a field as a festival usually implies a temporary venue, but a projector is just as suitable for permanent arenas too. Both settings really need to protect the projector, which means it can be left outside in all weathers and conditions, and also as it is bolted down to a permanent surface, and making it vandal proof too. Above all, an enclosure also protects from damage – deliberate or accidental (just imagine the harm an electronic projector can come to – things being thrown at it, drinks spilled over it, being knocked by crowds of people…)

Festival & Projectors Do Mix.

Festivals require a lot of professional input now-a-days, decades ago it would have been acceptable to rig up a very basic stage, backdrop and very little else, but now audiences expect a setting with spectacular effects. Pyrotechnics and lighting displays are picked up very well on projectors, so everyone in the audience can enjoy the show.

It is possible, particularly if you are hosting your own festival, to lease the projector equipment, but do include the enclosure which will safeguard against harm and is an added insurance policy against your deposit. This is a sensible option for a smaller scale venue, like a hotel grounds or park, which is an infrequent event.


Religious festivals, food festivals, film festivals and cultural festivals will all benefit from a projector display. Not only does a projector broadcast the artist on stage, to the rest of the crowd, but it can also act as a video mapping projector. This is an incredible piece of artwork, which usually forms a backdrop to the performer, but covering the stage floor, side panels and back with a kaleidoscope of imagery. Whole buildings can be covered with what looks like paint – look on the internet for photos of Buckingham Palace UK, during Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee celebration in 2012. A projector is a fascinating and unique tool for multimedia, as it is so adaptable.

So get planning for your next festival, with a projector and screen, then everyone will be happy to be involved and who’ll have the best view?

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