ProEnc’s Environmental Projector Case

Why invest in a ProEnc environmental projector case?

It makes sense to enclose a projector; certainly outdoors, but in either case (out or indoors) it is an insurance policy which will prolong the life span of the projector hardware. It also means the projector can be located virtually anywhere, as there are many features which make it so versatile.

Overheating is one issue easily overcome; a thermostatically controlled heating and/or cooling system copes with the extremes of excessive hot and cold weather. This means that a projector will work in any weather conditions and in any US State: north, south, east and west.

environmental projector caseThe enclosure case has at least one filter (more depending on size) which eliminates foreign particles – a major hazard causing an electronic break down, which is sometimes irreversible. This also means a projector can be used in harsh environments like underground caves, wildlife parks and other tourist areas. Air in and air out are circulated for optimum efficiency.

Most of the benefits mentioned above will protect the life of the projector bulb – one of the most expensive replacement parts. For a nominal cost, compared to purchasing the projector an environmental projector case will even out the budget. For the most common sized projectors, there are three standard sizes in enclosure cases; and are generally ‘off the shelf’, so can be shipped out quickly. Custom projector cases take a little longer, but if are looking for a specific paint color, stainless steel instead of standard mild steel or with additional shelves inside, then bespoke is for you (or your client). Soundproofing material can also be added to the inside of the environmental enclosure to cut out background noise of the projector itself; you know, that annoying little hum…

ProEnc’s environmental projector cases.

Often environmental projector cases are required to be Nema rated, so you can rest assured, this fits the bill without being an extortionate price. Food environments, manufacturing plants, wash down areas and tourist venues are all suitable places for a projector, but each has a hazard. Down time, projector failures and engineers visiting site can all be avoided and allow the projector to run for the purpose it was intended. Theft and vandalism are avoided as the enclosure is lockable with security locks and concealed hinges; it is also aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t look out of place in many settings.

For the best solution of your projector install call us 1st: we have many years of manufacturing experience and we have overcome just about any issue possible. We will also provide a quick turn-around quote and a cost effective price, ensuring your projector will work efficiently housed within an environmental projector case.

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