Outdoor Movies for Everyone

ProEnc makes outdoor movies for everyone possible.

Outdoor projector enclosures; backyard and drive-in movie theaters are as popular as ever!

Planning an outdoor event takes time and preparation, but it is worth it. Hosting an outdoor movie display can be a magnificent and memorable performance. The kit; basically the screen, projector and speakers can be purchased outright or hired from various businesses throughout American and Europe. Depending on how often a movie is to be shown, then it will be a decision of investing in the technology as a one off purchase, or setting up the screen from a hire company as and when necessary. However there is one very important element missing from the kit; an outdoor projector enclosure. No matter where the projector is located, it will be safe and secure from vandalism, and will not be affected by the weather – rain would spoil the outdoor movie experience, but the projector will remain protected in the weatherproof projector enclosure.

outdoor movies

Location for outdoor movies.

But just where can an outdoor movie theater take place? Any large area really is adequate, but there will need to be public facilities, like toilets and refreshments. The beauty of outdoor movies is that it suits every age group. Families love to set up a picnic while the children are entertained by their favorite film, just as adults watching the latest blockbuster, action packed movie – imagine the impact of stunts, chases and the exploits of the storyline, delivered directly to you on a huge screen. Having a comfy chair or cushions, a beer and snacks is a perfect way to spend a Saturday night. There have been some quite unique settings for outdoor movie shows, like a cemetery – which was controversial at the first suggestion, but as long as respect was shown to the grounds, it proved ideal. Festivals in farmers fields, outdoor sports arenas, especially where seating is already there and in the grounds of a stately home are very popular as it adds a certain ambiance to the atmosphere. The size of the screen brings the movie to life – you are just a few feet away from film stars, which are literally ‘larger than life’.

Drive-in movies have waned in the past, but there does seem to be a revival, probably because people like the thought of retro fashions and technology has advance so much, as have the cars. Open air theaters are a delightful place to be at sunset, especially for couples – recapture ‘date night’ and also for a girl or guy’s get together. The setting really sets up the evening, where you can enjoy a warm evening with friends, eat, drink have a civilized time (sometimes the movie comes second place!)

A new generation of movie goers are enjoying a new experience; pop-up film festivals in borough run parks adds a new dimension to the neighborhood – a safe managed environment suitable for families with young children. It brings communities together, which in this factious world can only be a positive step towards peace and reconciliation.

Whilst indoor movie complexes are very modern and have much to offer the film-buff, there is something about watching a film in the open air. It could be reminiscent of the old black and white silent movies, where the film is accompanied by an orchestra. This would work well here too.

ProEnc offer a wide range of outdoor enclosures for projectors, so anyone can watch outdoor movies in their own backyard.