ProEnc Wins Cruise Liner Contract For Projector Enclosures

ProEnc Selected to Supply 47 Stainless Steel Outdoor Projector Enclosures.

Proenc had supplied Silver seas cruise liners with 63 stainless steel monitor enclosures last year for 5 vessels, however their projects team contacted ProEnc in April for stainless steel projector enclosures, due to the excellent build quality and cost effective price.

stainless steel projector enclosure

Why ProEnc’s stainless steel outdoor projector enclosure?

The client had selected the Christie Roadstar S+16K as their ideal projector for the application, however before investing heavily into the project, they contacted ProEnc for a custom solution that was in stainless steel to prevent corrosion due to the sea air and to the NEMA 4X. ProEnc modified their original ProEnc20K enclosure and after an initial trial the order for 47 stainless steel outdoor projector enclosures was placed.

The project was completed in the last week of July 2016 and when we have any images from the client we will share them with you.

As you can imagine the challenge of installing a $40,000 projector in 47 locations on various ships can be a major headache, however the installation was perfect. All the components had to be at a British port for a refit, then the hardware and protective housings installed, then the projectors fitted and commissioned. All 47 installations on the vessels went to plan with no unexpected challenge.

The enclosure was made from 316 stainless steel, that is marine grade however the challenge arises when the housing has to be NEMA 4X to prevent water ingress, this is when ProEnc’s patent pending cooling system came into place as it allows cool air into the housing and then exhausts, waste hot air out without compromising on the water protection. The last thing the client wants is to have to replace the hardware, due to water ingress, this is why ProEnc are the leader in their industry, with 2 of the management team personally having 32 years’ experience working with stainless steel.

If you have a project, no matter if it’s on the high seas or on dry land, ProEnc are the company to contact, as they have the experience and provide the highest quality product, cal them today on (862) 234-5981.

More details to follow for ProEnc’s stainless steel outdoor projector enclosure.