Installing an external projector screen for housing projects?


You need to read this article for installing an external projector screen for housing projects.


Planning on putting a projector outdoors this summer? Whether it is in the US or any other country in the world, like the UK, the weather can have a big impact on the viability of it. This is just one factor associated with outdoor projectors.

Most projectors can be enjoyed in a back yard, where there is space to entertain: a good sized seating area for chairs or cushions, a BBQ or facility for outdoor catering, or at least where a pot luck spread can be laid out. For some reason, eating, drinking, sharing with family and friends and being entertained with a movie or ball game, feels quite out of the ordinary and enjoyable. For those of us in much colder and wet climates it may only be a dream…. but for most US states is a practical recreation.

The whole system is very easy to set up – there is nothing complicated, but it is about getting the balance right between the projector and the screen. Too near the screen and the projector will be in the way of people viewing, yet too far away and the image is distorted due to the ‘throw distance’ (the optimum distance). If you are lucky enough to be planning a remodelling project for the home or garden, then at this point it makes sense to include a location for the projector. A housing unit for projectors can be incorporated within the housing project, which keeps the costs down (rather than adding it retrospectively).

Installing an external projector screen for housing projects

Installing an external projector screen for housing projects


However, if you are thinking about keeping the projector outdoors all year round, then it must be encased in a steel box – but it is no ordinary steel box. It is constructed from steel panels, usually mild steel and powder coated, which are fully welded for strength, rigidity and security. A Lexan branded viewing window allows for a clear image from the projector, to be directed onto the screen. The housing unit can be either permanent or semi-permanently fixed in place. Even if the projector was just placed inside the steel box, without being bolted down, there are still many benefits:

  • It saves the projector from being knocked over, drinks or food spilled on it.

  • The thermostatic cooler is activated, when necessary, to prolong the life span of the bulb

  • It is totally weather proof to an IP65 rating, which also filters dust and insects (should you be caught out in a thunder storm, there is no need to unplug the projector to quickly get it inside: avoiding rain damage)

  • The high security locks provide more than adequate defense against theft (if it is bolted to a permanent base, then it becomes even more secure)

So what more do you need to start enjoying the outdoors? Do a little more homework on which projector is right for you and your family and order the next block buster movie!

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