Projector Enclosures Not Just For Outdoor Cinema Protection.

ProEnc’s projector enclosures are known for their reliability in the field, but recently ProEnc’s projector cases have been used in some very unusual applications.

Typical installation for projector enclosures.

Typically when anyone is installing an outdoor cinema they look to protect the projector with a weatherproof projector enclosure, this ensures that impromptu movie parties can take place without the hassle and forward planning of setting the hardware up – as it’s already set up and ready to roll.

AV engineers and stage design consultants recommend ProEnc enclosures, due to the robust build quality and flexibility. Now ProEnc’s projector enclosures have been installed on ships in the Caribbean, Caves in Israel, museums, American government buildings and heritage centres around Europe.

Projector housings on cruise ships.

When guests want to watch a movie in the open air, they can because the expensive projector, (normally a Christie or Barco projector) are protected in a stainless steel projector enclosure. The stainless steel housing protects the projector from the sea salt in the air and prevents moisture in the air getting to the circuit boards in the projector that corrode the connections resulting in the projector failing.

stainless steel projector enclosure

Caves in Israel using ProEnc projector cabinets.

The brief was to manufacture 10 soundproof enclosures that would be deployed in caves in Israel to depict a local tourist story. The challenges included that the humidity was 85% and the temperature inside the cave got down as low as -15C.

ProEnc’s solution was to design a bespoke soundproof projector enclosure that included ProEnc’s tried and tested thermostatic cooling and heating system. This has been used in applications when the temperature is 60C to -20C. The combination of ProEnc’s solution is the heater coming on inside the enclosure reducing any condensation inside the housing and then the cooling system expelling any hot air inside the housing.

ProEnc’s museum projector cases.

projector enclosures

Most museums need a degree of calm and silence, this is why any noise can be distracting and not good for a museum environment. Here ProEnc designed a unit that would expel any hot air in a void in another room using their plenum system; this allows the enclosure to be run constantly without the hum of the projector that would normally occur if not put into an indoor projector enclosure.

Government buildings.

Working with the American government, ProEnc deployed a solution to protect their investment in Christie 15,000 ANSI Lumen projectors. The solution was both a physical security solution along with weather protection. After the initial prototype testing, ProEnc secured the order for 15 enclosures to be deployed in New Jersey under bridges to showcase local artists work and for the artists to engage with the urban landscape.

ProEnc working with Heritage Centres in Europe.

Working through a major Italian audio visual integration company, ProEnc designed solutions for 5 areas in Italy, specifically in Milan, Rome, Tuscany and Sicily. The hardware was Barco 20,000 ANSI Lumen projectors and these had to have filtered air intakes, preventing any air borne contaminants harming the delicate internal parts of the projectors.
As you can see, ProEnc has a vast manufacturing and design experience – the only projector enclosure manufacturer to have in excess of 23 years’ experience making outdoor protective enclosures.

For more details regarding ProEnc’s product call them on (862) 234-5981 to discuss your projector enclosures.