Capturing the Market with Outdoor Projector Advertising

Imaginative outdoor projector advertising lights up the city center.

From a large scale, iconic building to a simple single storey – any surface is suitable for 3D video projection mapping. Not only is it an art form, but also a a very powerful platform for advertising. The creative graphics, vivid colors and groundbreaking imagery are like eye candy. A controlled riot of design and technology portraying an important message can attract huge numbers of potential customers in one display.

Outdoor projector advertising has an innumerable amount of uses;

Product advertising at sporting venues, music concerts and stadiums
Advertising campaigns at the entrance to shopping malls, even from the approach for the car park
Both the public and private sectors use outdoor projector advertising for information on local activities, publicity, events and lifestyles
Emergency procedures can also be quickly displayed, particularly as we face increased threats.

outdoor projector advertising

Imaginative outdoor projector advertising lights up the city center


It was in the 1990’s when outdoor projector advertising onto buildings really became a fashionable method of getting the message across. As projectors evolved and advanced so did the creative ways onto which the image was displayed, water, man made mist and even sand dunes are a suitable backdrop on which to show a video. City centers are a perfect surface for outdoor projector advertising, as buildings are generally flat, angled and high, making visibility perfect.

There are some issues using buildings to over-come; windows, fixed signage, overground cables, irregular shapes and planning restrictions (ie. gaining permission to use a certain buildings).

However, there are many advantages for using buildings… no environmental damage, no structural damage to listed buildings, clever and creative content can adapt around the building’s features and accessibility is not an issue.

Artistic illusions and playing with shapes, create an art form in public places to be enjoyed by many people who are also engaged with the advertising campaign, which in turn leads to product sales. Confectionery, soda, vehicles, clothing brands and technology are popular products to display. The projectors themselves are 50% of the success of the promotion; the other portion being the backdrop. And for the size of the display, the only major costs to be taken into consideration are the outlay of the projector hardware and the content.

Although hiring a projector is an option, particularly if the ad is only a short term project, you are responsible for it and will have probably paid a substantial deposit for the safe and undamaged return of the electronic hardware. It is also necessary for your own projector – having paid a considerable amount for the kit, it makes economical sense to protect it against theft and damage; in the form of accidental, willful and also from the elements. can provide everything you need to know about outdoor projector advertising for a successful advertising campaign, just click on the link or call (862) 234 5981