Outdoor Projector Housing – This Is What You NEED!

ProEnc’s Outdoor projector Enclosures.

Covering every eventuality by installing a Proenc outdoor projector housing enclosure.

Are you planning to put a projector outside? A projector enables you to show a film, sporting event or musical concert to an audience in a format other than a traditional TV screen. Have you heard of BYOD? This stands for: Bring Your Own Device, which has now become a familiar phrase, as so many electronic devices are portable. It is easy to set up a projector in a garden for entertainment or a wedding venue for adding atmosphere: shapes and lights and (bare with me, as I go a little off centre here..) even streaming a greeting from a relative in Australia, who couldn’t be at the wedding! Well, why not? It’s far better than everyone crowding around a phone or laptop screen.

outdoor projector housing

ProEnc’s outdoor projector enclosures.

Connecting and disconnecting cables is eliminated by leaving the projector outdoors, if that’s what you plan to do – particularly if , for example, it is a regular wedding venue. But how can you make sure the projector will be safe…will it be susceptible to theft, or weather and accidental damage? Is your ‘man cave’ a damp place – really, are you in the shed? Yes, it’s damp and can get very cold in winter and the door pad lock may not be enough to deter a break-in, so by enclosing your projector, you are keeping it safe and weatherproof. Thermostatic heating and/or cooling works at an ambient temperature keeping all the electronic components from freezing up, or the projector bulb from blowing because of over heating (an expensive replacement). Bolting the outdoor projector housing to a substantial base, will stop it from being taken. A ‘man cave’ is a perfect place for a projector, as it is usually dark; the ideal environment for a film. Our UK weather is notably unreliable, even when a good forecast is predicted – typical scenario of a BBQ… everybody in!

OK, so you could think about taking your flat screen TV outside, but the sensitive screen is temperamental and you’ll have to reset all your channels when you move it back. This is why a projector is so handy (with an enclosure, of course). The picture quality is excellent and you can add external speakers around the room or garden for surround sound. How the neighbours and your friends will be ‘wowed’ by the larger-than-life action during a football match or blockbuster film – put the beers on ice and snacks in a bowl…

Outdoor projector housings by ProEnc.

If you wanted to take it to the next level, you could even rent out your projector (and protective outdoor projector enclosures) for an outdoor event. You know it will be safe and protected against any weather damage; rain, moisture and overheating or freezing.

For advice and the best price for your outdoor projector housing, contact ProEncltd.com via the website or call +44 (0) 843 2893717 for European enquiries or (862) 234-5981 for US inquiries.






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