Waterproof Projector Housing – Protecting Your Investment

Thinking of putting a projector outside? You’ll definitely need a waterproof projector enclosure.

Not only are you protecting your investment from the weather, but also from theft, vandalism, animal damage and the elements. Outdoor projectors can be used in a variety of ways for both commercial and private use;

  • Advertising

  • Movies

  • Wall wrapping

  • Christmas lighting

  • Music events

  • Festivals

  • Sporting arenas

Projectors are a big trend in advertising and displaying messages in such a unique way that it is hard not to notice! They can feature 3D images and life-like pictures on virtually any surface and are suited to large scale displays and public events. But that’s not to say a projector can’t be installed at a private residence – they work just as well and are effective ways of entertaining outdoors.

waterproof projector enclosure

waterproof projector enclosure


Advertisers use projectors to display merchandising campaigns onto buildings, as well as the more traditional display boards. Where paper poster billboards once were common place, digital projectors have evolved the process of advertising with innovative graphic content and turned the advertising world on its head – a moving image engages the public in a much different way; imagine a pair of trainers ‘running’ across a shop window – in place of a static paper poster or posed mannequin. The content can be as simple or as detailed as desired, but the effect is amazing!

But be ware… when buying a projector enclosure – some are called water resistant or weather resistant and are NOT waterproof or weatherproof. It’s the same as buying a coat – is it shower proof or will you get soaked? Not only will the rain or any moisture damage the electrical components and mist up the lens, but insects and dust ingress will impair the projector. These are very difficult parts to clean out, repair or replace, so the only logical solution is to enclose the projector in a professionally manufactured waterproof projector housing unit. The best projector enclosures should be IP65 rated, which means they conform to specific claims of being water tight and are environmentally secure. There are high security locks, thermostatic heating and cooling which counteract any differences in temperature and specifically positioned slats to allow for adequate air circulation. Having looked through the internet, people have tried to cut corners and make their own, but it takes technical knowledge and expertise to achieve the right design, where a projector can be left outdoors in all weathers.


ProEnc have over 25 years of experience in the field of enclosing computerized display systems, projectors and digital screens, so for a cost effective quote and the reassurance of a professional waterproof projector enclosure unit call 862-234-5981 for US inquiries or see the website: proencltd.com