A Sound Proof Projector Enclosure – Where and When It Is Necessary

Installing a Sound Proof Projector Enclosure

As quiet as a library… a sound proof projector enclosure is essential to keep the noise to an absolute minimum, just as you would expect in a peaceful environment.

Yet a projector is an ideal platform for displaying digital images; as way-finding, information and promotions. It is an innovative media, suitable in situ within a library, theater foyer or contemplative public place.
Protecting a projector with an enclosure is just as important as the projector itself, as without one, it can easily become damaged and broken. Projectors can actually make a lot of background noise, or ‘white noise’ which many of us are used to, but it can be very annoying when you are trying to concentrate and likewise the projector enclosure creates noise too. The cooling fan omits an audible sound which can very irritating and may even drown-out the quiet whispering of the public. Yet without the cooling fan of the projector enclosure, the projector itself would overheat causing the projector bulb to blow and therefore be useless. So, a sound proof projector enclosure with sound proof ducts was developed and claims to only allow a sound of less than 5db (decibels) to be audible; the ProEnc Wispr range is now available through US and Europe’s dealers and resellers.

There are basically 3 sizes for the ProEnc Wispr range:
Wispr10 Up to 10,000 ANSI lumens
Wispr20 Up to 20,000 ANSI lumens
Wispr30 Up to 30,000 ANSI lumens

Sound from moving parts, from both the projector and enclosure, seem to be magnified in a quiet place, so the answer is to sound proof the kit. As ProEnc have experience in developing a ‘hush box’, as it is know in the AV (audio visual) industry, they are the best company to contact for a cost effective and guaranteed solution.

sound proof projector enclosure

sound proof projector enclosure

ProEnc stand by their guarantee of providing the best solution, by offering a 3 year warranty against the electronics and housing, giving you piece of mind for your investment. This innovative housing unit will change the way projectors are used, giving more freedom as to where they are placed and they will become a more flexible option. There is virtually no limitation as to where they can be positioned; even suspended from the ceiling with steel cables.

For a competitive quote, from an experienced manufacturer of the sound proof projector enclosure and supplier to the AV industry, contact ProEnc on +44 (0) 843 2893717 for European enquiries and (862) 234-5981 for the North American office.